SRES November 8, 2023

SRES® Consumer Newsletter November 2023

Houzz bathroom trends study shows Emphasis on Universal Design, Aging, Safety

Homeowners are increasingly focused on aging and safety when they renovate their bathrooms, and they’re incorporating universal design features that address their future needs and are functional for people of all ages and abilities.

That’s one takeaway from the recent 2023 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.

It’s good news because bathrooms often are among the most dangerous rooms in the house for seniors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among adults ages 65 and older.

Houzz found that 66% of homeowners address special needs during a bathroom renovation, up from 54% who did so in 2021. Nearly half (44%) of homeowners anticipate special needs to arise within the next five years.

As such, they’re incorporating an array of safety features, including:

  • Grab bars (58%)
  • Nonslip flooring (58%)
  • Curbless showers (43%)
  • Additional lighting (33%)
  • ADA-compliant toilets (26%)
  • Wheelchair-accessible doorways (21%)
  • Lower vanity height (3%)
  • Lower fixtures (2%)

Another area that affects safety is flooring. Houzz found that 83% of homeowners upgrade flooring during bathroom renovations, with one-third choosing nonslip floors outside the shower.

Though not necessarily for safety reasons, primary bathrooms are growing, with (22%) of homeowners saying they expanded their primary bathroom during a renovation by taking square footage from closets (44%), bedrooms (24%), and hallways (7%). Nearly 3 in 5 bathrooms (59%) measure 100 square feet or more after renovation.

In addition, 26% of homeowners remove their tubs during renovation, and the majority (77%) enlarge the shower space. For one in five, their new shower is 50% larger than their old one.

Low-curb (43%) entries grew in popularity since last year, increasing by 1%. Curbless entries were the choice for 24%, representing a 3% increase since last year.

Sustainability is another trend gaining traction, with 87% of homeowners incorporating environmental features that include:

  • LED lightbulbs (62%)
  • Water-efficient fixtures (46%)
  • Timeless design (44%)
  • Energy-efficient fixtures (34%)
  • Light dimmers (34%)

For 69% of homeowners, such features’ long-term cost-effectiveness is one motivation for the choices, and 54% said it was for their environmental friendliness.

Other study highlights:

  • The median amount spent on all bathroom remodels has grown by 50%, increasing from $9,000 in 2021 to $13,500 in 2022. The median spend for major and minor remodels has risen by 33% and 60%, respectively.
  • White and grey vanities have been edged out by wood, which is now the top choice for most (33%) homeowners.
  • Eighty-six percent of homeowners change the style of their bathrooms, with transitional styling (23%) being the most popular for the second year in a row. That’s followed by contemporary (16%), modern (15%), traditional (11%), and farmhouse (5%).

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